Pruning & Grafting Apple Trees

A 2-part workshop on the art and science of pruning and grafting fruit trees

We are now offering part II, Grafting Apple Trees, as a single workshop for $47.50.

Pruning, April 5
Join us for an exhilarating day of practical information and hands-on learning about the art and science of pruning fruit trees. Learn from the experience of seasoned pruners as we climb into full-sized apple trees in an orchard overlooking the Deerfield valley. We will try out different pruning tools–saws, poles, and loppers–and different styles of pruning and put concepts of the why and how of pruning into instant practice. Come dressed for a day in the weather, bring a bag lunch and what tools you have on hand. If you expect to do pruning over the years, getting a Wheeler orchard saw (available at Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange and Orchard Equipment in Conway) and a few extra blades is an essential investment.

Grafting, April 19
Did you know that every full-sized apple tree on the farm and in your yard is made of parts of two different trees? The top of the tree comes from the fruit buds (or scion wood) of a tree that grew the same kind of apple, and the bottom of the tree comes from the roots (or rootstock) of a tree that was selected for vigor. A tree with just roots!!

In this follow-up session, participants will learn how to graft scion wood from their favorite apple cultivars, learn about dwarf rootstocks, and (if we have time) participate in the restoration of neglected trees.

Dave Gott and Rick Stone will lead the workshops. Friends since their college days, Dave and Rick began their orchard run forty years ago with a cooperative apple-picking crew in the fall and with a pruning apprenticeship the following winter. Dave had a successful cider operations for several years and established a small orchard at Woolman Hill (the site for our program) with seedling trees for rootstock and Baldwin cuttings for scion wood.   He is now working to support farm families in New York and Massachusetts .

Rick has pruned thousands of trees throughout New England and ran his own tree and landscaping business for many years. He has been involved with Just Roots since its conception.

Dave and Rick have played music and sang songs through the years and hope everyone will raise  their voices as we wassail the old apple tree.

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