Hands-On Introduction to Beekeeping

Learn the basics of honeybee biology and hive upkeep
This event was cancelled due to low enrollment.

Are you interested in bees but not sure if you’re ready to take the leap into beekeeping? Perhaps a bit intimidated by the droning buzz of a swarm or the prospect of a sharp sting? Curious about what diseases and environmental conditions affect honeybees and how to take a healthy, proactive stand towards them? Itching to handle a frame of bees or extract honey straight from the comb? Then this is the course for you!


In this fun but intensive workshop you will learn the basics of honeybee biology and hive upkeep. Using hives located on our farm, we will provide an in-depth introduction to beekeeping equipment, seasonal management and colony dynamics. We will listen to prepared presentation segments, inspect and build equipment, ask and answer questions, manipulate colonies, as well as observe actual honeybee behavior inside and outside the hives. We will end the day with a honey extraction and all participants will go home with a jar of this freshly harvested, seasonal honey. You will leave with an increased knowledge about bees as well as greater confidence in your ability to be around them.

Rain Date: Sunday, June 29

Taught by Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry is an organic farmer and proprietor of Invisible Cities Apiary.

Requirement: Wear long pants, closed shoes and socks; bring a long-sleeve shirt for working the bees. Beekeeping veils provided.

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