Below is a list of our upcoming programs. Click here for the Calendar view.

Just Roots Board Meeting

Meetings of the Just Roots Board of Directors happen on the fourth Thursday of each month. Visitors are welcome. For more information, email

Saturday Work Party

You are invited to come out and enjoy working on the land Saturday mornings. The initial Saturday Work Party for this season will be April 19, 2014. Come join us anytime between 8:30am and 11:30am! We have planned the work party at this time so that everyone will have plenty of time to make it to the Greenfield Farmers Market (ends at 12:30pm) and the Stone Soup Café at 12pm. Read more

Raising Your Own Meat and Eggs

The ins and outs of raising your own meat and eggs, including chickens, turkeys and pigs.

Topics include breed selection, nutrition, space and housing needs, basic first-aid, fencing, slaughter options and budgetary facts and figures. This class is geared toward first-time livestock owners. Read More…

Spring Tree-atise

Join this meandering journey in defining through human eyes just what makes a tree a tree. We’ll compare species, ages and growth habits, look at identifying and differentiating features, and ponder different adaptations and histories. Seeking any reasons to pay homage to our towering caretakers. Bring your nerd-hats too – we will definitely be learning to identify by bark!
Read More…

Fermented Foods for Health, Balance and Sustainability

In anticipation of the upcoming growing season, we will learn how to make a variety of different fermented foods from vegetables and some fruits! Since fermentation is a natural means of food storage, these traditional preparation techniques can also help support efforts to eat and enjoy local and regional foods throughout the year. Read More…

Community Herbalism Intensive

Learn about plant cultivation, preparation, and the practice of clinical herbalism.

This Herbal Medicine Program will provide a foundation in Western Constitutional Herbalism and its impact on the specific needs of our community in Franklin County. This course will be a combination of classroom discussions, wild plant walks, foraging, and cultivation of medicinal plants.

The Intensive is a 7 month commitment (1 weekend a month) for $664. Payment plans available (4 payments of $166). Click the main title above for more information.

Cobb Oven Building

Design and build a permanent, highly efficient wood fired outdoor baking oven.

Cob, also known as adobe, is a traditional and versatile building material made from clay, sand and straw. With it, humans can easily and intuitively build houses, stoves, ovens and more. In this full day workshop we’ll design and build a permanent, highly efficient wood fired outdoor baking oven at Greenfield Community Farm using local clay and materials. Read More…