Below is a list of our upcoming programs. Click here for the Calendar view.

Canning and Food Preservation

Learn some basic canning, fermenting and food preservation techniques

Too many tomatoes? Cabbage? Cucumbers? We will explore the many ways that you can put food away for the winter!


Community Herbalism Intensive

Learn about plant cultivation, preparation, and the practice of clinical herbalism.

Just Roots is now offering a new Herbal Medicine Program at the Greenfield Community Farm! This series will provide a foundation in Western Constitutional Herbalism and its impact on the specific needs in our community in Franklin County.


Preparing for Winter

Season Extension, Cover Crops, and Preparing Gardens for Cold

Learn about various season extension techniques including variety selection, row covers, low tunnels and winter greenhouse growing. There are many different vegetables that are cold tolerant and will produce for an extra month or much more with a small amount of protection. We will also discuss cover crops and their various applications and management practices.


Alternative, Low-Tech Food Preservation

Most people know how to freeze food and some know how to can it. Daniel will review the basic pro’s and con’s of various different food preservation methods, including fermentation, pickling and root cellaring.


Just Roots Board Meeting

Meetings of the Just Roots Board of Directors happen on the fourth Thursday of each month. Visitors are welcome. For more information, email


Harmonizing With The Seasons

Using the framework of Chinese Five Element Theory as a guide, we will learn the flavors and foods, colors and sounds, herbs and daily practices associated with each season, and see the amazing unity and balance one can achieve by harmonizing with the earth and her seasonal rhythms.


Weeds, Wildcrafting and Cultivation

Learn about local medicinal herbs

This class will focus on medicinal herbs — growing locally or locally cultivated. We will identify wild woodland herbs, discuss ethical wildcrafting techniques, gather abundant weeds, and discuss and harvest medicinal herbs from our Herb Garden.


Sheep Processing Workshop

Learn how to conscientiously slaughter, skin, dress, quarter and further “process” hoofed animals – a sheep – into meat for humans. You will be shown how to preserve the meat in a number of ways. Also get introduced on how to make use of all the parts of the animal including hooves, fleece, etc. Get your hands dirty or sit back and watch.